Soul Readings, Mediumship, Akashic Record Readings by Marcia A. Manoogian

Marcia A. Manoogian

How Can You Apply Akashic Information?

Sample Questions


  • What is my purpose?
  • What is my next step?
  • What do I need to know in order to take my next step forward?
  • What is blocking me from taking that step?
  • What skills, aptitudes, & gifts do I bring to this life from previous lives?
  • What past lives need the most healing at this time?
  • What patterns do I need to let go of?
  • What skills do I need to develop?
  • What past life (lives) need the most attention at this moment?
  • What is my soul's mission and purpose?
  • What are the lessons I need to learn from this life?
  • How does this life fit my life purpose?
  • How do the difficulties in my life serve my higher purpose?
  • What planet do I come from? My home base?
  • What patterns of procrastination do I have and why and how can I heal them?
  • What am I most afraid of in terms of taking my next step forward?
  • What are my greatest gifts yet to be discovered? How can lmove toward them?
  • How can I take better care of myself?
  • I have a medical issue (name), what is this about and how am I to learn about it?
  • Tell me about a life time(s) of being harmed for being a healer/being in my power.
  • Tell me about a life time(s) where I was fully in my power.
  • Do I come from Atlantis or Lemuria? What was my function there? What gifts did I bring? How does this relate to my current life?
  • How do the fears from past lives block me in this life time? How does my current life fit with this?
  • Tell me about the flavors of my life times. What has been a theme for me through out. What qualities and gifts have I shared along the way?
  • Tell me about a life time(s) where I was in the darkness or misused my power. What was I trying to learn and how can I let go of my fear/shame/guilt about this?
  • Please help me with my guilt and shame. Where does it stem from? How can I heal it?
  • Please help me with my phobia? Where does it stem from? How can I heal it?